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The Puori Transparency Project

When it

comes to health,

there are no quick fixes

Clean labeling isn’t a fad.

It’s our foundation.

What you put in is all that counts

Food supplements based on clean and natural ingredients

Helena Christensen X Puori

“I partnered with Puori because of their mission to create products that have a high level of consumer safety and transparency. As a healthy and physically active person who puts a lot of importance into the health supplements I take I understand first hand how complex it is to navigate through trends and media.

The Puori Transparency Project ensures that every single batch is actually clean and superior which gives me the assurance I need about their products and I’m excited to support their journey. A journey split between creating a great product and pushing an entire industry towards cleaner products based on data”.

The Puori Transparency Project ensures that every single batch is actually clean and superior



– Helena Christensen

Model, photographer, entrepreneur, environmental activist, health enthusiast and Puori ambassador

The Clean Label

Transparency Project

Puori was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, late 2009 by Julius Heslet and Oliver Amdrup.

It all started with a batch of fish oil, and the ambition of avoiding fishy burps. They learned that the burps were because of poor quality products that had oxidised, and that there was also a huge issue of heavy metals and toxins in the products they were taking. Since then they have created their own formula, and discovered the IFOS certification - a 3rd party independent test - which Puori has used ever since. Now, all products, not just fish oil will be third-party tested.

Our dream is to offer a range of natural products that cover the gaps in a modern Western diet, that are natural, superior and backed by science. Not only that but we want to offer complete transparency for you the customer, powered by The Clean Label Project to empower you to see what's truly behind the label.

We focus our efforts on delivering continually improved quality to the consumer



– Oliver Amdrup, Co-Founder & CEO

Puori's Dream

Puori Meets Jackie Bowen,

Co-Founder of the

Clean Label Project®

The CLP’s philosophies and goals aligned with Puori’s so perfectly that we caught up with co-founder Jackie Bowen to learn more about her and her mission.

In a world full of questionable supplements, Puori holds itself to the highest of standards.

Clean Label Project is looking to create a forum for brands to build trust and confidence with consumers by the sharing of audited results, test reports, and label claim substantiation documentation.

Clean Label Project

High Quality

Magnesium Complex

Magnesium in bioavailable forms mixed with zinc, vitamin B6 and malic acid for optimal effect.

Support your

energy levels



Good for:

Electrolyte balance


Muscle function


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